Why Choose us?

At Harbour Co. Security, we patrol rural areas where no other security company will go. We conduct both residential and commercial rural patrols 7 days a week. We have brought private security services to 20th century by utilizing comprehensive patrol software. As a client, you gain access to our client portal where you can view, in real time, when your site was patrolled and what exactly the guard checked. This can be customized to your liking. If you want pictures and notes taken at each door and window on your property, we can do that. If you want them uploaded in real time for you to access 24 hours a day, we can do that too.

Alberta and British Columbia have some of the Highest property crime rates in all of Canada

We work and live in an area that has a booming economic status due to the Oil, Gas and Logging industry. This has drawn in criminal activity including organised crime. Stats Canada has reported that Alberta and British Columbia have some of the highest property crime rates in the entire country.

ALBERTA 20.03%
High Quality Security Guard Staff
Hand selected and picked from high profile Emergency Services Industry, such as Firefighters, Police Officers and Canadian Military personell

Harbour Security

Clark Peters


Clark has been in the Protective and Emergency Services industry for over 17 years. His background consists of Security Management and working as a Security Guard. He was a Special Constable for Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch with training in CVSA inspections, has been a Law Enforcement Officer for more than a decade and has been a Volunteer Firefighter for over 5 years. Clark is also a Dangerous Goods Inspector, and has been a CFSC and CRFSC instructor for 13 years. Clark has the highest level of training offered in Incident Command coordination by obtaining ICS 400 status. Clark has used this to gain years of experience working along side many organizations such as Technical Search and Rescue, EMS, STARS, RCMP, and our local Volunteer Fire Departments.