Road safety and compliance is primary concern on resource roads, as driving is a cause of many safety incidents.  Our personnel are experienced in the energy sector as well as having past law enforcement training and experience, which ensures quality and positive interactions. Our personnel also watch for security related concerns and can conduct location / asset inspections during their day which effectively integrates road safety with security.

Our experience road monitor personnel will assist your organization in reducing liability on your resource roads and worksites. Whether in the form of high visibility patrols, speed monitoring, cargo securement inspections, or other vehicle safety audits, our staff will help prevent costly incidents and injuries.

Harbour Security can assist with developing a road monitor program, as well as extensive reporting regarding road use and compliance, with daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports.

We employ former and current Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance inspectors, Dangerous Goods Inspectors, as well other former law enforcement personnel, whom are all experienced in the energy sector, to ensure complete customer satisfaction.