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Urban Businesses

"We tried a lot of different security measures including cameras and alarms, all with limited success. In Sept 2018 we employed Harbour Security to monitor our site. Since that time we have had no break-ins, and almost no trouble with vandalism. Harbour Security works hard and is a definite presence. There have been numerous times where they have noticed something questionable while on a patrol, and called us to ensure that all is well.
I am very impressed with the professionalism of the Harbour Security personnel, as well as the clear, easy-to-read monthly reporting. I believe they have a good thing going!"


"In the past, we have had several occurrences of vehicles stolen out of our main yard. Since starting with Harbour Security back in 2018, we have had zero incidents. They provide us with daily activity reports which are very thorough and have helped us maintain a stringent security program."


Rural Businesses

"Harbour Security approached us with a great heart and offer to help keep our business safe. They tailor their services to meet your exact needs. And at the end of the month you receive a detailed service statement. We really appreciate knowing they randomly stop by and check on things. As well, during holidays or times of us being away, we just up the amount of check ups and its no problem. Thank you Harbour Security for caring about our small rural community and doing what you can to keep it safe."


"Clark and his team do a great job of security and are very devoted to their work. They have proven to be reliable countless times at our business in checking if doors are locked and if there is any strange activities going on. I have often been impressed by Clark's professional ability to communicate and clearly document each situation that comes along. Hire Harbour Security and you will not be disappointed!"

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